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It’s the 1870s, and things are weird in the Wild West. Follow Modestus McDoon, wannabe Bandit King, as he tears across the desert, stealing money, fighting phantoms, and ultimately earning the title of Bandit King of the West.

Die Standing Up is a collection of short stories intended for adult readers.

These short stories are made entirely possible by the support of Patrons. If you’re interested in early access To these stories and other art and goodies, you can pledge on my patreon and be an essential part of the creation of the world of Modestus McDoon!

Road to Cimarron

Modestus McDoon has just been expunged from his gang. After a fellow gang member, Smiley, nearly stabbed him to death in the night, he’s on his own and alone in Cimarron, New Mexico.

A rancher has taken him in, but McDoon knows he soon must leave before his gang, the law, or worse finds him.

Sheep in the Flock

Modestus McDoon returns to Cimarron, despite being told to stay away. He reunites with his old ex-gang friends, Rosita and Maurice, only to be hired to help save their inn.

Things turn sour as McDoon pretends to be a priest, he dodges old enemies, and, worst of all, a head turns up on a pike in the middle of town.

SNake in the Grass

Things are quiet in Cimarron… until Smiley’s men show up to make things miserable for the people living there. Modestus McDoon is hired to protect a woman as she moves on to Santa Fe, but things become sticky as paranormal activity kicks up around town.

The Woman in the Trees

McDoon continues to have to play pickup with the town of Cimarron. With now law present, someone has to make sure everyone stays safe. When a woman is threatened by some less-than-reputable men, McDoon must step in to make sure the town stays a safe place to live. On top of that, someone has been following him…

Wolves AMong US

After some of Smiley’s men show up in town to smuggle stolen goods, McDoon decides to take matters into his own hands and stop them… while getting paid, of course. Naturally, dealing with Smiley’s men is not easy, and after making a series of foolish decisions, McDoon finds himself trapped inside a house with them. Will he make it out alive?

Knife in the Dark

Smiley sends a serial killer after McDoon, and things get serious. People start disappearing and dying all around town, and to make things worse, McDoon sees things he can’t explain…

Unleashing the Extraordinary: “One Pale Reflection” by Tycho Dwelis Takes Readers on a Thrilling Journey to MirrorWorld

Unleashing the Extraordinary: “One Pale Reflection” by Tycho Dwelis Takes Readers on a Thrilling Journey to MirrorWorld

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“Hey, friends, we can talk about this, ya? C-Come, now. Pull this noose from off my neck so we can speak civilly.” “You had your chance to talk, Starbán. Shut your gob or we’ll stuff it with tar.” A man whose hands smelled strongly of garlic placed a wreath of the...

Road to Cimarron – A Modestus McDoon Story

Road to Cimarron – A Modestus McDoon Story

My father used to say that at the end of it all, we were all dead. I took that as a token of wisdom; a blessin’ to live my own life and chase my own dreams. Now that I think on it more, I reckon he was hopin’ I would just drop down and die at his feet, so he wouldn’t...

Why should I build my own world for my fantasy novel?

Why should I build my own world for my fantasy novel?

In order to avoid appropriating cultures, repeating the same things that fantasy authors that have come before you, and writing huge cliches, you need to develop your own fantasy world. This will not only make your book stand out, but you as an author will have a greater understanding of your world’s residents, economy, architecture, and government.

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