The Costs of Self-Publishing

I’ve put together this basic list of costs associated with producing your own book, so you know what to expect if you’re looking to publish an epic story. With my help, we can keep prices low and put your funds where it counts, like editing, interior formatting, and cover design. Services highlighted in purple I offer myself, and you can reach out to me directly for a quote.

Basics of Book Production

  • Publishing Consultation (does not include other services) – $1200
  • Copy Editing – $200+
  • Developmental Editing – $300+
  • Proof Editing – $40+
  • Layout/Interior – $90+
  • Cover Design – $250+
  • ISBN – $0 – $295
  • Barcode – $0 – $25
  • Proof Copies – $5 – $25
  • Inventory – $100 – $200 (to start)
  • eBook Conversion – $150
  • Opening an Amazon Account – Free!
  • Expanded National Distribution – Free!
  • Sales Tax Number – $35
  • LCCN – Free!
  • CIP Data – $0 – $150
  • Marketing – $250 – $500
  • Or! If you like the DIY life and you’d like to publish your book without full guidance, we can schedule hourly services for $65 an hour.

Additional Services

I provide other services to help authors craft their masterpiece, but the cost of these services varies greatly. If you’d like to learn more about these services and get an estimate, please let me know!

  • Illustrator
  • Ghost Writer
  • Logo Design
  • Bookmark Design
  • Writing Coach
  • Website Design

Your Book Starts here

How do I use dialogue tags?

How do I use dialogue tags?

Grab a thesaurus, use creative dialogue tags, get rid of your adverbs, and use tags only when necessary. Dialogue tags are your best friend, but can easily become redundant.

How do I write a great book synopsis?

How do I write a great book synopsis?

Your book synopsis needs to condense your 50k novel down into merely a hundred and fifty words. To write a great synopsis, you need to tell the story, give a clear idea of the conflict and the resolution, and avoid boring language.

How do I create unique characters?

How do I create unique characters?

There are three surefire things that make a great main character: believability, relatability, and characterization. Without these three things, characters become mindless NPCs left to be puppeted by your will.


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