Denver, Colorado – Prepare to embark on an adventure into the enchanting realm of “One Pale Reflection,” a captivating young adult fantasy novel by acclaimed author Tycho Dwelis. With its enthralling narrative and spellbinding world-building, this highly anticipated book invites readers of all ages to delve into a world brimming with magic, danger, and the power of the imagination.

In “One Pale Reflection,” siblings Brenden and Lettie McCoy find themselves uprooted from their familiar lives and thrust into the care of a distant relative in Ireland following the loss of their parents. But as they settle into their new surroundings, peculiar occurrences begin to unfold within their caregiver’s abode. Little do they know that beyond a mystical mirror lies MirrorWorld—a parallel realm teeming with magic and ancient secrets.

As a mercenary beyond the mirror hunts down an immortal wizard, time is of the essence. Athos the Key Thief assembles a formidable army, threatening to plunge MirrorWorld into darkness and enslavement. Will Brenden unlock the secrets beyond the mirror, unravel the truth about his parents’ disappearance, and confront an adversary who defies death itself?

Drawing inspiration from beloved classics like “The Neverending Story,” “Inkheart,” and the classic Japanese genre of isekai anime, “One Pale Reflection” captivates readers aged 13-17 and anyone who craves wholesome fiction. Join Brenden and Lettie as they navigate uncharted territories, confront malevolent forces, and awaken their own latent powers. Can they defy the odds and become the saviors of both worlds?

“One Pale Reflection” is set to ignite the imaginations of readers seeking an immersive, action-packed narrative. The book is now available in digital and print formats on leading online platforms, including Amazon and Tycho Dwelis’ Etsy store. For more information about the author and their works, please visit You can also browse Tycho’s curated music playlist for the book on the One Pale Reflection page.

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About Tycho Dwelis: Tycho Dwelis is an award-winning author known for his ability to craft captivating worlds and compelling narratives. With “One Pale Reflection,” Tycho transports readers into the extraordinary realm of MirrorWorld, combining elements of fantasy, adventure, and a dash of anime-inspired magic. His works resonate with readers of all ages, igniting a passion for storytelling and the boundless possibilities of the imagination. To read reviews of his other work, you can visit the Reader’s Favorite website.