New Dystopian Fantasy Novel for Young Adults Releases from Local Denver Author 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, June 2nd, 2022 – The first installment of the Court of Snakes books releases today as local author Tycho Dwelis publishes Court of Snakes: This Desert Cage in his dystopian fantast series intended for young adults aged 13 to 18. Court of Snakes is a bold and fantastical series about a young man, Terran, who has been usurped by a tyrant and thrown to the street, and a young woman, Parisa, whose father – the usurper – has forced her into a military academy. A commentary on racism, oligarchy, supremacy, and corruption, the series showcases what can happen when the worst kinds of people become the makers of law… and then are torn down by magick and the power of the people. 

In Court of Snakes: This Desert Cage, it’s eat or be eaten. The city of Sereno stands tall after a great war, the only city left of its kind. Terran has lost both of his parents and is now on the run from a tyrant eager to kill him and cut off the royal bloodline. Parisa struggles with her own identity as even her father rejects her for the color of her skin as he claws for the throne. Along their journeys, they meet unexpected allies and encounter unprecedented magick, but, most importantly, they learn what it is to stand up for themselves and take their city back from corruption, delivering Justice. 

Other books by Tycho Dwelis (under the pen name Cassidy Dwelis), Braidy von Althuis and the Pesky Pest Controller and Braidy von Althuis and the Gullible Ghost Hunter, were #1 on Amazon in three categories in Children’s Fiction, and Dwelis has high hopes for a new series. 

“Taking the leap of faith and writing a new series is hard,” Dwelis said, “but the message is too important to ignore, especially given the current state of the USA. In This Desert Cage, the main characters grapple with a lot of complex subjects, like corruption in politics, social justice, and systemic oppression, all in a fantasy setting. They have to dramatically change their perspective to do the right thing. I hope this book teaches teens to stand up for themselves and voice their opinions to do what is right.” 

Court of Snakes: This Desert Cage is now available on Amazon and other works by Tycho Dwelis can be viewed on his website at