Use my commission form to request a commission.

I reserve the right to reject or discontinue a commission at any time.

Payment is done through PayPal using USD ($) as currency, to be paid half at the beginning of the commission and half at the delivery of final files only for services/commissions over $150. All other commissions must be paid in full before I begin work.

The final product is strictly for personal use. For commercial use, email me about purchasing rights.

Remember to credit me as the artist and link back to me. I am @tycho_dorian on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch, and @tychodorian on Facebook.


I hold the copyright over my commissions. I can post my work in galleries, use for publicity, make prints, graphics, and merchandise of my commissions.

I reserve the right to livestream and record the creation of my artwork unless we agree differently beforehand.


You are solely responsible for securing the proper rights to characters you want the commission to feature. Characters from pop culture and other media are accepted.


An extra design fee applies to commissions that have no reference image and you would like me to draw from a description. Photo collages are perfectly fine and will not incur a fee.

The complexity of the subject may affect the final price.



When you commission me, you agree to the following:

  • Use the commission form here.
  • Fill out the form clearly and correctly. It needs to contain all of the information regarding the artwork, as this will be my main reference.
  • Provide sufficient and appropriate image references in the commission form.
  • Respond clearly and in a timely fashion.
  • Assume responsibility for failing to provide important information at the appropriate time during the commission process. The appropriate time is in the original form description, the approval stages listed here under “Revisions”, or any time I request feedback.
  • Read carefully the Terms of Service and Commission Info pages.



Deadlines MUST be agreed upon beforehand.

Depending on the time frame, deadlines may incur a rush fee.



All artwork will be created at 8″ x 10″ size unless otherwise requested. Working at a larger size will incur an additional fee.



Revisions to the commission are included in the price at the following approval stages:

  • Rough Sketch and Color Composition approvals
  • 70% completion progress shot

Revisions necessary due to my own faults are free.

Revisions other than those mentioned above will incur an additional fee. I will never tack on extra fees without consulting you first.



Commissions are generally nonrefundable, exceptions will not be made.

The only condition for a refund is if I have not started working on your commission within 14 days of the payment.



All commissions will be delivered as a hi-res .PNG file unless otherwise requested.